KX450F Camso DTS129 Snow Bike Conversion – Accessory Choice and Installation

Once the kit was on we started to tackle the long list of accessories and goodies that accompany almost any GOOD snowbike build.  Up first is getting lights on this bike so that its legal to ride on the trails here in Bend, OR.  Yes you have to ride SOME sled trails to get to the good stuff higher in the backcountry.  We chose the Cyclops Penetrator 3 LED Headlight and a DRC Taillight and brake light combo.

The install on both of these was fairly easy and the direct connect on the Cyclops light to the stock wiring harness on the Kawasaki made things a breeze.  We also installed a pair of AME Grip Heaters.  You can run ALL this electrical off the stock stator on the KX450…thats pretty awesome!  When all three are on the tail light dims a small amount on idle but comes up to full brightness with a little throttle.

Next up was installing the P3 Heat Shield and the Warp 9 oversize pegs.  Both a simple bolt on upgrade to stock that enhances the bike while shredding powder in the backcountry!  There are many options to protect your engine from getting snow packed into it and to keep it running warm.  We chose the SXS snowplate over a snow jacket for this bike due to its clean fit and setup.  Another item we recommend running are these seal scrapers….again they keep snow from getting into places you dont want it…snow and water in your fork can make havok for your springs and internals.

We installed a ThermoBob into the coolant system to keep the bike running at optimal temperature when the temps drop.  Also a TrailTech Temperature gauge to keep tabs on how the bike is running.  Pre Filters keep moisture from getting into your airfilter which in turn will go into your fuel system and engine…no bueno…runa  pre filter on your snowbike.  Another NECESSITY is an AirPro.  This helps your suspension stay stiff in the intial stroke of the travel allowing your ski to ride high and float through the snow.  Without stiffer suspension your snow bike will have too much weight on the front end, the steering angle will be weird and you will not have any fun.  Airpro’s are easy to install and only require 7-10 psi to make a huuuge difference in handling.  You could go the difficult way, respringing and valving your fork every season…but Airpro has made that unnecessary…get one you will thank us.

Extra Fuel is a must.  There are many options including Rotopax, an Acerbis oversize tank and more.  We went with this Mountain Addiction can because it was green…..ANNNND it mounts extremely cleanly to their rail mountain system.  Very Nice Product.

Well that about wraps it up….check back for updates and our intial impressions of how the bike performs.  Until then MAKE MOTO HABIT!