KX450F Camso DTS129 Snow Bike Conversion – Accessory Choice and Installation

Once the kit was on we started to tackle the long list of accessories and goodies that accompany almost any GOOD snowbike build.  Up first is getting lights on this bike so that its legal to ride on the trails here in Bend, OR.  Yes you have to ride SOME sled trails to get to the good stuff higher in the backcountry.  We chose the Cyclops Penetrator 3 LED Headlight and a DRC Taillight and brake light combo.

The install on both of these was fairly easy and the direct connect on the Cyclops light to the stock wiring harness on the Kawasaki made things a breeze.  We also installed a pair of AME Grip Heaters.  You can run ALL this electrical off the stock stator on the KX450…thats pretty awesome!  When all three are on the tail light dims a small amount on idle but comes up to full brightness with a little throttle.

Next up was installing the P3 Heat Shield and the Warp 9 oversize pegs.  Both a simple bolt on upgrade to stock that enhances the bike while shredding powder in the backcountry!  There are many options to protect your engine from getting snow packed into it and to keep it running warm.  We chose the SXS snowplate over a snow jacket for this bike due to its clean fit and setup.  Another item we recommend running are these seal scrapers….again they keep snow from getting into places you dont want it…snow and water in your fork can make havok for your springs and internals.

We installed a ThermoBob into the coolant system to keep the bike running at optimal temperature when the temps drop.  Also a TrailTech Temperature gauge to keep tabs on how the bike is running.  Pre Filters keep moisture from getting into your airfilter which in turn will go into your fuel system and engine…no bueno…runa  pre filter on your snowbike.  Another NECESSITY is an AirPro.  This helps your suspension stay stiff in the intial stroke of the travel allowing your ski to ride high and float through the snow.  Without stiffer suspension your snow bike will have too much weight on the front end, the steering angle will be weird and you will not have any fun.  Airpro’s are easy to install and only require 7-10 psi to make a huuuge difference in handling.  You could go the difficult way, respringing and valving your fork every season…but Airpro has made that unnecessary…get one you will thank us.

Extra Fuel is a must.  There are many options including Rotopax, an Acerbis oversize tank and more.  We went with this Mountain Addiction can because it was green…..ANNNND it mounts extremely cleanly to their rail mountain system.  Very Nice Product.

Well that about wraps it up….check back for updates and our intial impressions of how the bike performs.  Until then MAKE MOTO HABIT!

Camso SnowBike Build Part 2 – Track and ski installation

The 2016 Kawasaki KX450f and Camso DTS129 Snow Bike build came out great!  Below is a step by step summary of the build including detailed pictures of the parts we used.First thing first – Prep the bike for the track and snow conversion which included removing the entire rear swingarm, shock, wheel and rear brake from the motorcycle.  This is pretty easy as the whole back of the bike comes off in one piece (if you follow the Camso instruction sheet properly).Next we remove the front wheel and fork guards and prep to install the ski.  At this stage we also removed the plastics in preparation for routing the rear hand brake that the Camso kit comes with.
The Camso DTS129 kit bolts onto the KX450f simply and smoothly.  Make sure to set the strut to the correct position for you model….we’ve seen some kits come with improper directions for strut positioning so it may not be a bad idea to double check this online.  Also the front fork axle bushings to the ski are a tight fit and you will need to press them in with a vice in order to get them to site properly and fit in the fork.  Make sure if you have the cutout fork mount adapter that has clearance for the bottom resevoir on the KX450 (see picture 1 below)

Once your track and ski is on follow the Camso Manual to adjust chain tightness, track attack angle, preload on suspension and final check of bolts and alignment.

So track is on ready to ride right??  Nope, there are still many things we need to do to this bike to get it fully prepped for a day shredding powder in the mountains…and we will address all of these in Part 3 of our Camso DTS129 Snowbike build.  Stay tuned

Lectron Carburetor Review Husky TX300

Quick intro, I am mainly a woods rider here in central Oregon. Single track is my choice and I don’t mind if there are fallen tree’s to hop over or rock ledges to climb.
After riding my 2011 200xcw (which I love) for a season I decided I wanted some more lugging power & the magic red button would be nice too. I researched bikes for about 2 months, decided to step it up & get the new Husqvarna TX 300. Online reviews & articles, along with the low weight, AER forks & KTM build quality was ultimately how I made my decision to get the Husqvarna. I chose the Husqvarna over the KTM simply because I am swedish and we tend to wave our flag when we can.
After picking the bike up, I went straight to Brandon at the Motoshop in Bend to get all the parts needed to customize the bike to my needs & liking. Motoshop carried almost all the parts in stock that I needed. Mostly just protection for the bike since I tend to beat on them pretty good. At the time, I had read that the TX’s had some carb issues but had no plans to upgrade the carb other than just tuning the stock Mikuni.
Day after I got the bike home, it was time for initial start up & test ride down my gravel road. Bike wouldn’t fire over, ugh, starter was doing its job, the bike just wasn’t firing. Changed it to map 2 on the bar & pulled the choke up, the bike started but was not running so great. I let the bike warm up and it sounded better, so I decided to head down my road to do a low speed test. Basically, low speed throttle blipping with immediate stops, over and over, to see how the bike felt. It was bogging on throttle at first but then that seemed to clear out. I turned around to head home & decided to open up the throttle a little more, 2nd gear, bike just bogged, no power at all, reminded me when my float got stuck open on my 200xcw last year. Sure enough, as I pull into my shop I notice that the bike is puking out fuel through one of the drain hoses. For a brand new, very expensive, top-of-the-line bike, this was a disappointment. I wasn’t even expecting perfection, but to not even run right at all was disappointing.
Brandon suggested I give the Lectron 38HV a chance. Now, im going to be honest with you guys, I have read mixed reviews about the Lectron, so I had no expectations using it, I simply wanted to make the bike run right. The added bonus of not having to re-jet the bike when going up or down in elevation was a huge bonus for me, and if we could get better mileage out of the tank that would also be huge. Top end power is not as important to me, I like a smooth power delivery.
So I pulled the trigger on the Lectron, mainly because I knew Brandon would support me if I had any issues.
Install went smooth. Took a couple hours to install because the kit includes putting together a new throttle assembly, and you have to loosen up the sub frame to get the carb out of the bike. I would rate the install as fairly straight forward & easy for any rider that does their own bike maintenance.
Lectron is on, no other changes to the bike. Float bowl filled up nicely. The bike fired up on first try, it was coughing & gurgling a bit but it was running, phew! I didn’t even need to pull the choke this time. On throttle blip it was hesitating a bit. Im not sure why, but I decided to lean the power valve a half turn & also raised the idle a touch (I will circle back to this). Fired the bike up again, it fired up real nice this time, immediate & crisp. Decided to test ride it down the street, and man did it feel good this time. Just throttle blipping it down the street, not really getting on it (we got lots of kids on our road). My happy face was on.
Ride #1: First real shake-down ride, Lectron was the last of my worries, bike ran great, no spooge & plenty of fuel left in the tank. We figured out that I should probably never have touched my power valve as that adjustment does nothing for start ups & throttle blipping. The bike ran fine though that day, but to be safe, I turned the power valve back to the manufacturers setting. So, basically the Lectron is the way it came from the factory.
Ride #2:  Cold day, went up in elevation quite a bit, not sure exactly how much though. Im now sold on the Lectron, it worked great during the whole ride. Smooth power delivery across the range. Fuel range seems excellent too, I cant imagine running out of fuel anytime soon. No spooge out of the pipe.
Easy set up
Tune it once & forget it
Great fuel mileage
Buttery smooth power
Excellent customer support
Choke is hard to reach
Price can be a concern for some

KX450f Snow bike conversion Part 1

Motoshop Bend Oregon – Snow Bike Conversion – Kx450f with Camso DTS129 bike to snow kit

A customer came to us and asked us to build him a snow bike. He didn’t already have a motorcycle to use for the conversion but wanted something simple and powerful that would also be a motocrosser, desert and all around  good dirt bike.  So we took to craigslist to help him find a good candidate for his snowbike conversion. We gave him quite a few options including some KTM dual sport bikes, a Yamaha wr450 but he ultimately decided on this low hour 2016 Kawasaki kx450f.  Although the KTM’s had license plates and electric start we felt the KX was a great place to start given the price, low hours and amazing reliability of these bikes.

We also had quite a few options for the actual snowbike part of the build. At the Motoshop we carry Camso and CMX snowbikes. They are two tried and true kits with advantages to both. The Camso is produced by one of the largest snow track manufacturers in North America so they know the in and outs of making snow machines and utility tracks.  Another plus to the Camso is, at just $4800 it is easily the most affordable snowbike kit on the market. There is great support for this product here in the states.  Crazy Mountain Extreme is a $7000 kit and handmade in Montana. CMX has been building custom sleds for over 20 years and they make a truly beautiful product. The feedback we have been getting on them is amazing. Because of the belt drive system (as opposed to chain drive on most other kits) there is less drag on the drivetrain thus more power from the bike to the track. This also allows the CMX kit to be “bumpstarted” and pushed around your garage easier. Also the track itself is about 3 inches closer to the motor than the competition allowing the bike to be WHEEELIED!! The perks of the CMX are still outshined by the price and support of the Camso and ultimately this was the deciding factor for our customer when he chose a kit…the Camso won for this particular build!

You don’t just bolt a snowbike kit to a dirtbike, load up and go shred POW…it’s unfortunately not that easy.  There are quite a few things needed to make your snowbike safe and reliable.  Below is a basic list of parts you should have for your snowbike before heading out into the backcountry:

– Air Pro
– Larger pegs
– Thermobob
– Temp gauge
– Heated grips
– Headlight, taillight brake light
– Engine jacket
– Snow skid plate sks
– Pipe guard
– Handguards and snow protection
– Fork seal scrapers
– Air filter covers

(reasons why each of these products is recommended will be covered in the next installment of Building a Snowbike)

Well thats it for the Part 1 of our snowbike build.  Stay tuned for Part 2 with detailed product information, pictures and more in depth how-to of how to build a snowbike!

Snow Bike Promotion and Sale

We are currently offering snow bike kits from Camso and CMX.  These will bolt up to virtually any modern dirt bike and make for a great alternative to snowmobiling in the winter.  Snowbikes are more agile and make boondocking through the tight trees much more fun!  Call us to learn more about getting your snow bike ready for another Central Oregon Winter!

Bend moto riding at night!

Vortex ECU for KTM’s and Husqvarna’s

We have had great luck with this product and it is appearing it is a must for any new ktm and husqvarna 350 and 500cc motorcycles.  Stop in and ask us about this amazing performance modification.

– Pre Programmed with 10 Performance Fuel & Ignition maps – all the work is done for you!
– Instant Plug in Performance (replaces standard ECU with no mods to wiring required)
-Fuel Trim Switches adjust fuel mapping by +12.5% to -10% in Lo, Mid and Hi throttle bands
-Adjustments require only a screwdriver and integrated switches provide visual feedback.
– Simple to install with mounting hardware supplied (where required)
– V-Boost – Programmable Voltage Boost Circuit for maximising Spark Energy across the entire rev range
– Higher / Lower Rev Limit (where required)
– Robust design is fully encapsulated and O-ring sealed
-Diagnostic Flash codes – tests for sensor faults and flashes codes to OEM FI light
– Race Proven reliability
– Re Programmable (Software and Interface hardware not Included)