Goldentyre GT 333 Dominator tire

$120.99 $108.99

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The 333 Dominator is a great rear tire to match the Fatty front tire.  DOT approved and works great as a mid mileage dual sport tire or high mileage dedicated off road tire.  A Motoshop favorite!

The GT333N rear tire was designed and tested by the top off road race teams in Europe, Australia and the U.S. The results have created the best off road race tire on the planet. By combining the perfect amount of flexibility and structure, the GT333N provides the best traction in intermediate racing conditions. The exclusive compound and design provide incredibly even wear and traction throughout the entire life of the tire.


  • Open tread pattern with optimized rubber compound provides excellent traction in intermediate conditions and exceptional wear
  • Reinforced carcass design allows for maximum traction without sacrificing feel and rim protection
  • Tall sidewall allows tire to flex and maintain contact footprint and grip in uneven terrain
  • Knob size and spacing designed to maximize contact patch on intermediate conditions while maintaining excellent wear and self-cleaning capabilities
  • DOT approved